Lazy Bear Lodge Promo
2017 - Thank you Canada Story Trailer
WildRush Trailer
Great Melt Trailer
Four Destinations Music Video
AviaEye Showreel 2020
Hunlen Falls BC Parks Promo
The Sound Documentary
Proud Supporter of Proud Member of With combined 50+ years experience in film Martin & Martin have been providing clients with top level experience for all their cinematic needs. Unlike other companies we combine our experience in all sectors of the film industry; from the needs of large productions to those of various companies, let us turn your dreams into a reality. Over the last three years we have worked in some of the most remote environments on our planet as well as in some of the busiest. We aim to give you the freedom of imagination both in the air and on the ground; creating videos which combine the use of the latest drone technology with that of steadicam stabilization and DSLR time-lapses for maximum effect. From Canada to the South Pacific browse through some of the promotional videos and projects we have had the pleasure to plan, execute and edit for our clients. If you have any questions or inquiries as well as to plan your next video, feel free to contact us at anytime.
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